Our Mission

  • Deliver medical guidelines and appropriate use criteria from respected sources, delivered through the EMR at the point of decision.

  • Enable use cases that reduce administrative burden, streamline data exchange and automate case management.

Join the health systems who already leverage the power of CareSelect.

NDSC’s solutions are widely adopted and in use across the entire healthcare provider market in all 50 states. Organizations ranging from large, multi-state, integrated delivery networks to standalone ambulatory care settings, trust NDSC’s CareSelect platform to manage and track the actionable delivery of thousands of evidence-based guidelines within the EMR. These guidelines help organizations comply with regulatory requirements, benchmark and reduce variations in care with the goal of improving care, reduce costs and streamline communications between providers and payers.

The CareSelect Platform

The CareSelect Platform leverages your organizations investment in EMR technology to allow healthcare providers the ability to consult a rich library of actionable Appropriate Use Criteria to help manage utilization, deliver complex care pathways, and automate administratively burdensome processes such as prior authorizations.

Powerful EHR Integrations

Through thoughtful design and close cooperation with the EMR vendor community, the NDSC content management platform has been designed to streamline and improve the EMR experience without taking the user out of their native EMR application. NDSC embraces the market investment and adoption of EMR technology and aligned the CareSelect platform to help close the gap in the delivery of clinical intelligence to drive improvements in care and streamline manual processes. NDSC integrates CareSelect exclusively into Certified EHR applications (CEHRT).

Sophisticated CDS Workflows

CareSelect exchanges real-time data with the EMR and performs clinical calculations against evidence based guidelines and pathways, enabling the caregiver to choose alternate tests or clinical pathways based on the guideline coupled with benchmarking and reporting tools to ensure success. Our technology is uniquely designed to compute guidelines against available EMR data, delivering sophisticated clinical logic that is not constrained by, nor disruptive to the design of the EMR.

Gold Standard, Evidence Based Criteria

NDSC’s relationships with leading medical specialty societies ensure that CareSelect guidelines provide the most accurate and comprehensive decision support solution on the market.

When combined with the years of experience working with major EMR vendors to refine the point of order integration CareSelect criteria sets improve population health, reduce variations and gaps in care and facilitate enterprise wide cost reductions.

CareSelect enables healthcare providers to reduce variations in care, foster stewardship over resource utilization and automate authorizations through delivery of trusted guidelines covering a wide array of tests and services, including imaging, pharmacy, lab testing, blood management, and compliance related measures through a single delivery platform, integrated with and trusted by EMR vendors.

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