CareSelect Blood enables benchmarking, clinical interventions, and reporting to impact acute areas of over-utilization for blood product transfusions.

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NDSC’s solutions are widely adopted and in use across the entire healthcare provider market in all 50 states. Organizations ranging from large, multi-state, integrated delivery networks to standalone ambulatory care settings, trust NDSC’s CareSelect platform to manage and track the actionable delivery of thousands of evidence-based guidelines within the EMR. These guidelines help organizations comply with regulatory requirements, benchmark and reduce variations in care with the goal of improving care, reduce costs and streamline communications between providers and payers.

Accurate and Comprehensive Clinical Content

National Decision Support Company delivers appropriate use criteria for imaging, laboratory, pharmacy, blood management, and quality-related measures through our CareSelect™ delivery platform. Core content sets from the American College of Radiology, Mayo Clinic, and the American Board of Internal Medicine’s Choosing Wisely® campaign provide an enterprise-wide decision support solution. NDSC’s established relationships with nationally recognized content publishers, combined with the company’s sophisticated content curation process, ensure that criteria are accurate and translate correctly from guideline to an accurate, actionable advisory delivered in the native EMR workflow.

CareSelect Imaging expands on NDSC’s foundational ACR Select™ solution to deliver a comprehensive range of Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) for adult diagnostic imaging with additional Pediatric-Specific AUC authored through a collaboration between the American College of Radiology and the Society for Pediatric Radiology. AUC is sourced from qualified Provider Led Entities (qPLE), including the American College of Radiology, the American College of Cardiology, and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network®, and the Society for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging to enable compliance with the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 (PAMA). → Learn More
CareSelect Lab assists health care providers with the appropriate ordering of laboratory testing to improve patient care and reduce wasteful spending. How? CareSelect Lab integrates with a hospital’s EHR and is delivered via NDSC’s CareSelect Platform — the same platform that drives NDSC’s CareSelect Imaging decision-support product. CareSelect Lab is a natural extension of NDSC’s capabilities to deliver EHR-integrated guidelines and brings together the industry standard for EHR-delivered guidance with the more than 1,500 best-practice care models—authored, curated and maintained by Mayo Clinic. → Learn More
CareSelect Blood enables benchmarking, clinical interventions, and reporting to impact acute areas of over-utilization for blood product transfusions. CareSelect Blood delivers guidelines from Mayo Clinic, the largest integrated clinical practice in the world, to enable a standardization of care across the enterprise. Guidelines are authored and maintained by Mayo’s departments of Anesthesiology and Transfusion Medicine, leveraging data from over 740,000 individual transfusion events. → Learn More
CareSelect Choosing Wisely® + delivers guidelines authored by the American Board of Internal Medicine’s Choosing Wisely initiative and the Number Needed to Treat Group to cover high impact medications, procedures and clinical pathways. Clinical content can be customized and expanded to support organizational benchmarking and quality improvement objectives. → Learn More

  • Deliver medical guidelines and appropriate use criteria, from respected sources, directly through the EHR at the point of decision.

  • Enable use cases that reduce administrative burden, streamline data exchange and automate case management.

A Qualified Clinical Decision Support Mechanism

PAMA Compliant Order Workflow PAMA Compliant Order Workflow

The CareSelect Platform

The NDSC CareSelect Platform leverages your organization’s investment in EHR technology to allow healthcare providers the ability to consult a rich library of actionable Appropriate Use Criteria. CareSelect assists organizations to deliver complex care pathways and evidence-based clinical guidelines, reduce variation of patient care, manage resource utilization, and automate administratively burdensome processes.

Sophisticated CDS Workflows

CareSelect exchanges real-time data with the EHR, performs applicable calculations, and provides reliable clinical guidelines and resources at the point of order placement. This consultation with decision support enables healthcare providers access to the most appropriate test option or clinical pathway based upon best practice guidelines without changing the current workflow. Coupled with benchmarking and reporting tools, CareSelect serves as the platform to drive and complement your organization’s quality improvement initiatives.

Our technology is uniquely designed to deliver advisories with clinical recommendations from computations obtained from available EHR data and sophisticated logic that is neither constrained by, nor disruptive to the design of the EHR.

Optimal EHR Integrations

Through thoughtful design and close cooperation with the EHR vendor community, the NDSC content management platform has been designed to streamline and improve the EHR experience without taking the user out of their native EHR application. NDSC embraces the market investment and adoption of EHR technology and has aligned the CareSelect platform to close the gap in the delivery of clinical intelligence, drive improvements in patient care, and streamline manual processes. NDSC integrates CareSelect exclusively into Certified EHR applications (CEHRT).

Powering Quality Care, Compliance, and Automation

Quality improvement and resource stewardship are at the center of modern value-based payment models. Delivery of targeted decision support interventions related to priority medical conditions and value-based payment models is the key solution. NDSC experts work with your team to identify opportunities for intervention and tools for improved performance from our growing library of clinical content.

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